Chabad of Frederick Jewish Art Calendar

For the Jewish year 5780 (2019-2020)

Dear Friend,

We are excited to bring you our beautiful, annual Jewish Art Calendar, customized for Frederick County to be mailed and distributed prior to the Jewish new year.

Show your support of Chabad through a greeting ad in the Hebrew/Secular calendar that graces so many homes and businesses in Frederick County.

· Pleasant and beautiful art work

· Simple and classic format - easy on the eyes.

· Keep track of Hebrew dates and Jewish holidays in sync with the regular English calendar year.

You can advertise your business in a most effective way.

You can place a Shana Tova greeting to be seen by the entire Jewish community.

You can surprise a child/spouse, pay tribute to a loved one's memory, or mark a special day by placing a greeting on that calendar date.

Simply fill out an ad form, hit submit and you are done!



Calendar advertising enables you to be seen by potential customers every day for a month or year. The Jewish Family Calendar offers a unique opportunity to promote your business with full value advertising while assisting a local non-profit Jewish organization. Advertising rates are highly competitive and are assured to bring you good return for your dollar. In addition, your ad will demonstrate your support and commitment to the Jewish community.

These are the available advertising options:





$1200 ad bar full size and ad on website for a year On calendar page for an entire month and website fo a year


Ad Bar or Greeting - Full size 10” x 2”

On calendar page for an entire month


Ad Bar or Greeting - Business card

On calendar page for an entire month


Calendar Day Box for 6 Months (1.375" x 1.375")

On calendar page for an entire month


Calendar Day Box for 3 Months (1.375" x 1.375")

On calendar page for an entire month


Patron - full page 10.5" x 8"

Inside page

$500 Half Page 8 x 5” Inside page


Back Cover - Half page 8 x 5"

Back cover

$5000 Calendar Sponsor Front cover + ad for each month

Text of Ad:

(you may scan your card/ ad. and send to: or mail to Chabad Calender, 1 West 9th St. Frederick, Maryland 21701.

I would prefer my ad to be in the month of:


The cost to place an Individual birthday or Yahrtzeit is just $18, 3 for $50, or 7 for $100.

Name: Date:

Name: Date:

Name: Date:

Name: Date:



First Name



Last Name



CC Type   Card Number
Charge Amount   Exp Date
Billing Address   City, State, & Zip

I will send a check (mail to 1 West 9th St. Frederick, MD 21701)

To order a free Jewish Community Calendar, click here.