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 Passover Crash Course

Learn practical laws and insights on Passover


Get The Answers To The Four Questions and More!

Whether you are leading the Seder, just participating, or joining the Seder at Chabad here is your chance to come fully prepared! Join the discussion as we navigate through the Haggadah and share the laws, - traditions, and anecdotes. The format is open.

Ever wondered what is chametz and what actually has to be sold? How do I kosher my home for Pesach? What are the minimum requirements for the Seder? How can I make this holiday a more meaningful one for myself and for my family?

The Pesach Crash Course is a 2 part series Sunday March 11 and Sunday March 18 - 7PM - 8PM, answering these questions and more. NO CHARGE!

For more info and to join, call 301.996.3659 or email  

Enhance the upcoming holiday for yourself, your family and your friends!